Local Lenders  (see list below)

The importance of keeping it local:

If you're thinking about buying property in Summit County, and you'll be applying for a loan, it's important to keep it local! Lending practices have changed greatly since 2008, and in today's market it only makes sense to apply for your loan in the same community as you'll be making your purchase. Our local lenders understand the local market, and know how to deal with Summit County real estate. Our lenders are professional, knowledgable, and most importantly, competitive. They understand front desks, short-term rentals, HOA assessments, well and septic systems, and onsite commercial space. With a local lender, you greatly reduce last-minute surprises, like this one: "Sorry, but we're denying your loan because there are 34 units in the building, and one of them was turned into a fractional-ownership condo in 1978."  

So keep it local, and you'll avoid the last-minute, game changing surprises.

Here are some local lenders with proven track records - I would recommnd any of them:


1. Judy Irwin, Wells Fargo, Frisco

    Phone: 1-970-668-2416


2. Dan Cooper, FirstBank, Frisco

     Phone: 1-970-468-7250


3. Doug Sulquist, Sulquist Mortgage, Breckenridge

     Phone: 1-970-453-2900


4. Kevin Berkley, Mountain Resort Mortgage, Breckenridge

     Phone:  1-877-953-6300, 1-970-547-2180


5. Calvin Cox, PTF Financial, Boulder

     Phone: 1-303-385-1119 or 1-303-931-8360


6. Judy Wallace, Cherry Creek Mortgage Company, Breckenridge

     Phone: 1-970-485-0707


7. Dana Holland, Integra Lending, Breckenridge

      Phone: 1-888-688-1020 or 1-970-453-9403 ext 4


8. Darlena Marmons, Colorado State Bank and Trust , Frisco 

     Phone: 1-970-668-2200

Any of the above lenders would be happy to discuss their rates with you - give them a call, send an email.  

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